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Are you having a problem with ants? Many products sold in stores fail to 杀死超过10%的蜂群,这就是为什么问题总是出现 to come back. 在夏洛特,如果你需要专业的蚂蚁灭虫师, 罗利, or Greensboro, Sage Pest Control offers effective pest control solutions using the best products available.

If you need help with an ant problem, call (704) 413-3398 to schedule ant control 夏洛特、罗利、格林斯伯勒及周边地区.

Types of Ants We Can Get Rid Of in Your Yard

Sage Pest Control 技术人员适当地检查你的家,以确定蚁群的位置 ant control. We give our team the time needed to do a thorough job. We 是否接受过完整的培训并注意细节 检查,发现任何蚁群,并提供最有效的治疗.

We Offer 夏洛特 Ant Control Services For:

  • 黑蚂蚁 -小的,移动缓慢的发亮的黑色蚂蚁倾向于进入内部 in search of food
  • Acrobat ants -大约1/8英寸长,颜色范围从浅黄褐色 to multicolored to black
  • Carpenter ants 一种破坏性的,以木材为食的大型黑色,黄色或 red ants that grow up to ½” in length
  • Pavement ants -深棕色至黑色的蚂蚁,多见于人行道的裂缝中 或者在混凝土板下,通过混凝土板的裂缝进入建筑物 or foundations
  • Odorous house ants -深棕色到黑色的蚂蚁,长到1/8英寸,并给予 off a coconut odor when crushed
  • 鬼蚂蚁 -头黑色、腿和腹部苍白的小蚂蚁 often found in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Argentine ants – Small, dark brown or black ants that grow to up to ¼” and live in very large colonies
  • 火蚁 -生活在深红棕色的小蚂蚁,可以长到3/8英寸 in large mounds, and sting victims in large groups

Getting Rid of Fire Ants in 夏洛特

When it comes to 火蚁,它们可能很难摆脱,由于规模和范围 their colonies. What this means is that even if one of their queens or 部分蜂群被杀死,通常会有另一个蜂王 蚁群的另一部分可以直接进入占据空间.


  • You notice fire ant workers or swarmers
  • 你注意到你的院子里有很多沙堆,尤其是最近下过雨之后
  • 你听到有人在你的地盘上被蜇了

因为它们刺的本质是痛苦的,而且它们可以 对你的家人和宠物有些危险,最好叫专业人士 夏洛特火蚁灭虫员,以摆脱问题之前,它得到 更糟. 鼠尾草防治在清除火蚁方面经验丰富 属性 throughout North Carolina. 调用 (704) 413-3398 今天!

Signs of an Ant Infestation

在橱柜或有食物的地方看到一排蚂蚁是不必要的 这是蚂蚁入侵的征兆,需要专业蚂蚁的帮助 control experts. It’s common to 找到 ants scouting for food, especially 在温暖的月份,这些蚂蚁很容易被消灭. However, if 你发现在你的食品储藏室、橱柜或木匠中有大量的蚂蚁 ants eating away at wood, this might be a 蚂蚁入侵的迹象,可能是时候打电话给灭虫员了.

一旦灭虫员确定了蚂蚁的种类和位置 来自,他们可以形成一个计划和管理治疗照顾 of the problem. It’s important that you pay attention to the particular 这样你就可以打电话叫灭虫师了 the damage has been done. Sage Pest Control 它不仅可以帮助你解决蚂蚁的问题,还可以帮助任何可能的害虫 be tormenting your home. Contact our 夏洛特 ant control technicians 今天 to rid yourself of these annoying pests and save your home from unwelcome guests.

Can You Get Rid of Ants on Your Own?

除了令人讨厌,蚂蚁还会给你带来很多其他问题 夏洛特的家,吃你的食物,家具,以及他们能做的一切 找到. Which is why ant control is something to consider. Sometimes your ant problem is an easy fix, but 有时情况更严重,需要灭虫人员的帮助 to eliminate. 这是很重要的学习迹象,当一个蚂蚁灭虫 is needed to save your home from an ant infestation.

How Our Exterminators Get Rid of Ants

中超联赛下注平台夏洛特蚂蚁控制专家是完全训练和合格的提供 有效的蚂蚁控制服务,快速和高效地摆脱它们. 我们提供持续的每周培训,以确保中超联赛下注平台技术人员 最新的进展,方法,治疗,和产品 our industry.


  • 鱼饵
  • 喷雾
  • 排除
  • Prevention

如果你在夏洛特需要一个蚂蚁灭虫专家,打电话给鼠尾草害虫控制中心 for the best in the business.

Get Rid of Your Ants for Good

在鼠尾草害虫控制,中超联赛下注平台重点是消除蚁群使用 最好的环保产品,既安全又有效.


  • 商店里出售的产品在消除这种疾病方面远没有那么有效 colony than professional methods.
  • 甚至一些专业人士也无法完全消灭蚂蚁,因为它们 use only one or two methods. While this may work in the short term, the colony will eventually resurface.

Eliminating the Ant Colony

In order to get rid of ants and keep them from coming back, you need to 找到 and eliminate the colony. Killing only the ants you see won’t work, and they will keep coming back. Depending on the species, ants can forage up to 150 feet from the colony.

这使得定位和消除蚁群具有挑战性 companies don’t take the time to 找到 the colony. Our technicians 能识别你家里的蚂蚁类型并提供最有效的方法吗 ant control solution for your problem.

安全 & Effective Ant Control Services in 夏洛特 & 除了

鼠尾草控制分享中超联赛下注平台客户对环境的关注 and the safety of humans and their pets. We are committed to providing green services. Our 夏洛特 ant control technicians use the safest and 最有效的网址入口产品,以消除你的蚂蚁问题 keep them from coming back.

Get in touch with us 今天在 (704) 413-3398 为夏洛特的蚂蚁清除服务提供免费电话评估, 达勒姆, 罗利, 加斯托尼亚, Greensboro, 康科德, and 除了.

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